Conor Maynard


Conor Maynard is a YouTube sensation with over 4 million subscribers to his channel and  1.2 million followers on Instagram. He started out making covers to songs on YouTube by famous artists and putting his own twist to it. 

My favorite part of watching Conor sing is how well he shows his emotions throughout his singing. Every time I watch his videos, the thing I look forward to the most is seeing him express himself through his songs. Every cover he releases, you can see what he is feeling. He is able to take a fast pop song and slow it down into an emotional ballad, for example, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner (see video below). This is a song that consists of electric-pop sounds, but Conor changed it up and created an emotional, slow, song about how it’s not always so easy being famous and having the world all over you. It is almost as if you can see his emotions when he sings. The hardest and most important aspect of singing is trying to reveal yourself in the words that you are singing and become so vulnerable to the point where others can see what you are feeling, and Conor can do this in his sleep. He is for sure my favorite YouTuber and I always look forward to hear his latest releases.

Here are some of my favorite songs covered by him:

His most recent video was a cover of Ed Sheeran’s new single “Shape of You” where he teamed up with The Vamps to create a mashup of all different kinds of songs and all different genres. This video instantly went viral with the sing-off between Conor and the lead singer of The Vamps, Brad Simpson. They covered all songs from Drake to Chasing Cars.




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